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Training procedure

On Thursday 20/9/2018, at the premises of the Assisted Reproduction unit, Embryolab, the Genetic laboratory – BIOZ conducted a training session to pass on expertise to members of Embryolab, in which Embryolab’s staff showed a keen interest, taking a very active part in the proceedings. BIOZ presented techniques involving the isolating or extracting of genomic DNA through using an extraction kit, i.e. polymerase chain reaction (PCR), to strengthen genes of interest and, finally, electrophoresis on an agarose gel in order to visualize the PCR results. At each part of the procedure, the participation of the members of the laboratory staff was of vital importance, both at a technical level as well as in terms of sharing ideas. The specific training session for transferring expertise was the first of three to be held by the genetic laboratory BIOZ for members of Embryolab.


The speakers

Eleni Galliopoulou

Maria Markantoni