What we need
from you

Just pay a visit to Embryolab’s Medically Assisted Reproduction Unit, where our staff will:

  • Collect demographic data
  • Request your medical record
  • Provide you with information on the research programme and answer any queries you might have

  • Request your signature on the consent form for participation in the programme
  • Take a sperm sample
  • Take a blood sample

We need
your participation

We are looking for men from Greece and around the world from the ages of 18-40, with or without a fertility diagnosis to take part in our research efforts.

1000 volunteers and the corresponding samples of genetic material would represent a number capable of providing safe and valid research results.

Why take part?

  • You will be engaging in the science of tomorrow
  • You can check your sperm and fertility free of charge
  • You will be helping Greece to gain further recognition in science, contributing to the promotion of knowledge
  • You will be helping in the fastest and most effective diagnosis of male low fertility

  • You will be helping to increase male fertility!

Important and useful!

  • All your personal data are protected
  • We will keep you abreast of developments in the research throughout the programme

Participation Form

    Please fill in the form

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • For you to take part in the research, you will first need to be informed about the procedure, fill in the questionnaire, sign the consent form. Finally, you will need to give a sperm and a blood sample.

    • Your genetic material will be examined exclusively for the genetic purposes of the specific research, as referred to in the consent form.

    • No other further course or preparation is required apart from the required refraining from sex (2-3 days since the last ejaculation). It would be better however to avoid periods of illness or periods following a course of antibiotics, since in some instances the sperm sample could be affected.

    • For all stages of the procedure to be completed it will take around 1-1.5 hours.
      1) information
      2) filling out the questionnaire
      3) signing the consent form
      4) taking of blood sample
      5) taking of sperm sample

    • EMBRYOLAB, 173-175, Ethnikis Antistaseos, Building B, 2nd floor in the secretariat

    • Monday to Friday 09:00 – 15:00

    • 2-3 days from your last ejaculation

    • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption (according to the World Health Organisation, the daily amount of alcohol is set at 1 glass of wine of 150 ml or 1 can of beer or 1 unit of spirit)

    • Should you wish to be informed, the result of your spermodiagram is available 2 days after the test.

    • Samples retain their anonymity throughout the procedure. The research programme applies all the regulations for protecting personal data and thus protects your anonymity

    • We look forward to students taking part in the research programme. All students are welcome to the attend seminars and educational programmes to be held, and will also be able to receive a certificate of attendance.

    • Should you wish, you will receive individual and detailed information about your sperm quality (spermodiagram) from specialised members of our ‘innovate’ team and special counselling, if necessary.

    • Of course. The more data that are collected for the research, the more significant the findings on male low fertility will be.

    • All men, irrespective of their sexual preferences are welcome to take part in the research.

    • Yes, such a group is brothers!

    • The whole course of the research will be recorded and will be posted on: www.spermogene.eu

    • In the framework of the research programme Spermogene, the sperm test and notification – counselling which follows is covered by the programme and is entirely free.