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for diagnosing male


The research

Embryolab in collaboration
with BIOZ (Laboratory of Genetics,
Comparative and Evolutionary Biology)
of the School of Biochemistry and
Biotechnology are undertaking
ground-breaking research together.

The subject matter

  • The study of genes which are associated with male fertility disorders
  • The deep understanding of the genetic basis of spermatogenesis and also the factors which lead to problems.
  • The pinpointing of new genes which for the first time are associated with male infertility.

The objective

  • To design specialised diagnostic means
  • To reach answers and solutions for diagnosing male infertility.

Why take part?

  • You will be engaging in the science of tomorrow
  • You can check your sperm and fertility free of charge
  • You will be helping Greece to gain further recognition in science, contributing to the promotion of knowledge
  • You will be helping in the fastest and most effective diagnosis of male infertility
  • You will be helping to increase male fertility! Important and useful!
  • All your personal data are protected
  • We will keep you abreast of developments in the research throughout the programme

What we need from you

Just pay a visit to Embryolab’s Medically Assisted Reproduction Unit, where our staff will:

  • Collect demographic data
  • Request a brief medical record
  • Provide you with information on the research programme and answer any queries you might have
  • Request your signature on the consent form for participation in the programme
  • Take a sperm sample
  • Take a blood sample

Those taking part in the programme

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